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FREE classified webs in Pakistan

MAI ADS is an online platform free classified ads in Pakistan. We aim to offer a wide and appealing experience to our users with powerful search and free classified posting features.

MAI ADS is proudly the complete online bazaar,  that has a well-established team, designs comfort and ease for the customers where you can quickly find or sell anything under the roof. We created this online store to help you sell and buy things locally and one of the fastest-growing platforms nationwide. It’s just a game of one click and a snap for free classified ads. The best thing is we post free ads (free is good). Its effortless and quick service make it more attractive to search your needs around you.

How you can sell?

Well selling something is no more than pain but the time of worries has gone because we provide painless searching and effortlessly selling. You have got a lot of things but minimalistic approaches help you to live a neat clean life, so there are a lot of things you haven’t used so far but this time use MAIADS free classified ads service and make money out of your extra things. You just have to do, take a snap, post it, and use MAIADS to online chat to communicate and make a deal with buyers.

A marketplace of free classified ads, where sellers and buyers connect and make it easy yet reliable. Search and post for free and provide services connecting cities across the nation. Use MAIADS to online chat to communicate and make a deal with buyers.

Find whatever you need

So let me tell a secret door for your needs, your dream house, a car, furniture, fashion,  beauty, jobs, your perfect life partner, any kind of classified services and thousands of classified ads locally, in short, you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Filter by location or by category, you might not know what is available right in the corner, waiting for your click.


Andriod App

It is more than a web, MAIADS has an android app too, you can now find anything anywhere while roaming with your phone. Just download it, log in to the web, and enjoy unlimited classified ads in Pakistan.

Buy and sell safely

MAIDS  is not only an easy-going free classified ads forum. We are proudly an agency where buyers’ and sellers’ interests are secured. We provide reliability for both users and that’s why we ask you for authentication when you log in. Our users are our asset; Expect a quick and warm response from our user support team. Whenever you have a suggestion to make or need any help, please feel free to write to us at


MAIADS interface provides you recommendations according to your preferences, making it more convenient for you to search in peace.

We also offer a weekly newsletter, where you can find events, webinars, services and just subscribe to it and we will send you updates.

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